What to Expect

You can rest assured that no matter your insulation needs that Superior Insealators can help. From the start, an estimator will go over your plans with you in detail ensuring to point out any potential problem areas and come up with a solution. Our goal is to make your home comfortable, quiet and energy effecient.


As is the case with most everything, attention to detail goes a long way. Our first team to come out will be a prep team. Their job is to get your home ready for insulation. This includes caulking top and bottom plates as well as all double studs. If you have windows and doors in at this time, they will also ensure to seal around each one. Without doing these things, it can give a pathway for air changes and a less effecient home. If we are installing spray foam, our prep team will ensure to protect any windows/doors/finishings that have gone up by putting plastic over them.

Insulation Installation

Whether you are getting spray foam, cellulose, or fiberglass insulation installed, you can be sure that our team will be professional and effecient in the process. Regardless of which type of insulation that you are getting, we have specialized equipment that allows us to install in any area of your home. During an installation of spray foam, we will ask that the premises be cleared in order to keep saftey at the forefront. Our installers have specialty training and Personal Protection Equipment that allows them to work with the products safely. Due to the low VOC quality of Icynene spray foam, you will be able to reenter your home in hours as compared to days with other types of spray foam.

Cleanup and Follow Up

After the installation of your insulation, our team will throroughly cleanup the area. This includes cutting back any foam that requires it (i.e. if drywall will be going over it) and ensuring that it all gets disposed of correctly. Our goal is to leave each home like we were never there - except for your increased comfort and home effeciency.

Once the install is complete, the team will do a final walkthrough to ensure that everything was completed correctly and that nothing was missed. Additionally, a member of our team will reach out to you to ensure that everything met your expectations and that you are satisfied with the work that was completed.

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