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We are a family-owned insulation company that has been servicing customers in Kentucky and Indiana since 1995. We're independently operated, and we have a reputation for integrity and quality work. While summers can get hot, sticky, and humid, winters can be cold. That's why we're dedicated to insulating your house against the elements.

We're committed to bringing clients the latest and most effective products available. We have a reputation for on-time installation and superior knowledge of codes. We keep an ample inventory of all of our products so that we can respond quickly to our customers' needs. Also, we offer the most comprehensive product and service package in the area, along with an energy guarantee. Customers appreciate our energy and air quality expertise and our total commitment to quality.

Residential services

Superior Insealators specializes in various types of insulation, air and water barrier systems. Our main types are spray foam insulation, waterproofing, and air barriers.

Spray foam

Our insulation installers are happy to perform either closed-cell spray foam insulation or open-cell spray foam insulation. Whatever your preference is, we're happy to oblige. We provide all-in-one product insulation without harmful long-term emissions. To maximize your energy efficiency, we place a tight seal over all the required wall penetrations. We also apply the spray foam insulation over curved surfaces.


Residential properties need structural and foundation waterproofing to ensure there's no water damage. At Superior Insealators, we offer both above-grade and below-grade waterproofing to newly constructed homes as well as existing housing. Our goal is to protect your home from groundwater.

Air barriers

If you’re planning on building or if your heating and cooling unit is causing high electricity bills, you may want to consider an air barrier system for your home. Superior Insealators can improve your house so that the flow of air in and out of it is significantly reduced. We use specialized equipment that allows us to install products in many areas of a home. We work fast and provide a complete installation and cleanup.

We also offer

  • Unvented attic insulating expertise
  • Crawl space insulating expertise
  • Fiberglass and Cellulose Insulation Expertise

Financing options on approved credit are available for installation of our insulation products.

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